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ARFEC, the Western Switzerland Association of Families with a Child with Cancer, was founded in 1987 by parents with the aim of organising a network of affected people to help and support each other.

Childhood cancer is a long-term disease and has consequences for parents and siblings. Supporting the affected families also indirectly benefits the sick child because strengthened parents are better able to help their child through the difficult time of therapy. There are numerous different ways of accompanying families in everyday life to suit their varying needs. Sometimes it is simply enough to be there for them and take the time to listen. At other times, it is the time invested to raise funds for incidental expenses incurred because of the illness. And often it is simply the short “breathers” we offer families so that they can forget their fears for a moment and draw new strength to carry on.

  • Offers
    • Assistance: people that can take the pressure off the families
    • Accommodation: member families are offered various solutions so that every child with cancer has his or her family close by during long hospital stays
    • Financial aid: reimbursement of board, lodging and parking costs incurred due to hospitalisation
    • Holiday camps and excursions: various meetings so that families can also enjoy carefree moments and relax
    • “Café Croissant”: open weekly discussions in the treatment centres for parents to make them feel well taken care of
      “Repas parents”: monthly dinners to exchange ideas, laugh together and recharge batteries
    • Health trail: parents receive a folder with useful information at Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV) when they are informed of the diagnosis
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