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Supporting projects in the field of childhood cancer

In the fight against childhood cancer, we work together with foundations which help us to implement and further develop important projects in the field of follow-up care, self-help and research on a long-term basis.

Every year, approximately 300 children and adolescents are diagnosed with cancer in Switzerland. Childhood Cancer Switzerland, in cooperation with its member organisations, has been dedicated to improving the situation of children and adolescents with cancer, as well as their families, throughout Switzerland since 2015. We hope that in the future even more children will be cured, the late effects will be kept to a minimum, and those affected will be accompanied and supported during this difficult time. As a foundation, you can make a significant contribution to achieving these goals. We would be happy to advise you personally about the various areas of support with Childhood Cancer Switzerland.

What can your funding contributions achieve?

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Affected families

Optimal care and better legal framework for families

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    In addition to a family’s concerns about a child’s survival, parents face unexpected organisational, psychological and financial burdens after receiving the diagnosis. Together with our member organisations, we are committed to optimising treatment programmes, to more psychosocial and socio-legal care services, as well as to better legal framework conditions so that families receive optimal care and support during and after therapy.

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Better follow-up care and equal opportunities for long-term survivors

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    About 80 per cent of all survivors suffer from the late effects of their disease and therapy. Childhood Cancer Switzerland promotes their interests with the services offered by the competence centre. The focus is on improving follow-up care to ensure that those affected can enjoy a better quality of life and more equal opportunities in the future.

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Promoting childhood cancer research for better chances of recovery and fewer late effects

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    Thanks to continuous progress in research, four out of five children and adolescents now survive cancer. Because state funding is far from sufficient, research depends on financial support from private donations and grants. Childhood Cancer Switzerland supports childhood cancer research so that even more children and adolescents can be cured and the late effects reduced.

 Our partners 

Funding foundations are important partners for us because they help us to implement important projects for children and adolescents with cancer, as well as their families, and for long-term survivors. We would like to thank you very much for your support and trust in our work!



Armin und Jeannine Kurz Stiftung

Ernst Göhner Stiftung

Fondation Bénina

Fondation Robert et Carla Rey-Kortland

Hans Rüdisühli Stiftung 

MBF Foundation


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