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Our commitment

When a child contracts cancer, it affects the whole family. Together with our member organisations, we are committed to improving the situation of those affected throughout Switzerland long term. This includes optimal medical and psychosocial care, the best possible follow-up care and the promotion of childhood cancer research.

Childhood Cancer Switzerland was founded in 2015 by renowned Swiss childhood cancer organisations. Together, we work to improve support for families with a child with cancer, optimise treatment options and develop accessible therapies and medicines for all those affected. As an umbrella organisation, we are also involved in the areas of raising public awareness and representing the interests of those affected at federal level as well as in national and international bodies.

Portrait Nicolas von der Weid

“Our greatest concern is that all children can be cured in the future, that the late effects of the therapy are kept as low as possible and that those affected are given optimum care and support.”

Prof. Nicolas von der Weid, MD
President of Childhood Cancer Switzerland