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against childhood cancer

In Switzerland, around 350 children and adolescents are diagnosed with cancer every year, many of them infants and children under the age of four. Even though 4 out of 5 children can now be cured, statistically that still means that one child dies almost every week. Together with its member organisations, Childhood Cancer Switzerland is dedicated to improving the situation of children with cancer, their families and long-term survivors throughout Switzerland.


Childhood cancer: when insurers won't pay

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Annual report 2021

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Annual report 2021 (in German)


“It pulled the rug out from under our feet”

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Special news: Controversy over report

Most of the drugs used to treat children with cancer are actually only approved for adults. When it comes to covering the cost of these essential therapies, however, families face uncertainties, delays and a lot of bureaucracy. Childhood Cancer Switzerland very much regrets that the report commissioned by the Federal Council partly minimises the difficulties physicians and families are confronted with. Find out more here.

 Fields of action

In the fight against childhood cancer, we are active throughout Switzerland in the following areas with our own projects, awareness campaigns, political commitment on behalf of those affected, a national contact point for long-term survivors and financial support for our member organisations.


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“It pulled the rug out from under our feet”

Susanne Mattle Rohrer with her daughter Malin

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“My work begins with the very first contact”

Eva Maria Tinner, MD

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“There’s one thing I wish every former childhood cancer patient: good health”

Christina Schindera, MD

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