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Trusting, sharing and supporting each other

Affected parents take this motto to heart and organise weekends every year, with one in spring for mothers and one in autumn for fathers. Events of this kind have already taken place in all French-speaking cantons. Over the course of two days, the focus is on benefiting as much as possible from time, letting go – simply forgetting everyday life. Those who take part only receive a few brief details about the meeting place and the things they need to bring with them; the rest of the itinerary remains a surprise right until the end and is only revealed a little at a time.

Some of the parents have known each other for a long time and thus very much look forward to seeing each other again; but those who are taking part for the first time quickly establish contacts. There are always different activities on offer – for example, some parents have already had the opportunity to try rafting, learn archery, but also to explore a city in a humorous way or to form a team and solve puzzles in an escape game. The culinary delights and time when you can just sit back and relax are of course equally important on these experience days.

Sometimes emotions and worries get the better of people and it is a good thing that they have the opportunity to share with others. What parents are particularly good at is changing their mood, crying one minute and laughing the next, and simply enjoying the moment. And sometimes it is a big help just to be able to laugh until tears start flowing so that wounds begin to heal.

The fact that these weekends are so popular with parents shows just how important it is to have time out from everyday life. This also includes the valuable exchange with people in the same position. The separate offer for mothers and fathers gives each group the necessary space – a good idea because they often experience things in different ways.