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Cooperations – 
national and international networking

Childhood Cancer Switzerland is a partner of many national and international organisations and cooperates with various working groups throughout the country. Our activities focus on networking and sharing knowledge with other key players in the field of childhood cancer. The aim is to press on with shared topics and projects more purposefully and to gain insights into the latest research findings. A special focus is on improving follow-up care.

Our partners

Our cooperation partners include organisations and networks that are active in the field of childhood cancer as well as self-help organisations and associations that support survivors. Childhood Cancer Switzerland is a member of CCI and CCI Europe.

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As the umbrella organisation for childhood cancer, Childhood Cancer International (CCI) unites more than 170 members on five continents.

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CCI Europe

CCI Europe is the European branch of CCI. As the largest pan-European umbrella organisation, CCI Europe represents the interests of survivors and parents in international projects and in EU policy. 


SIOP Europe

SIOP Europe is the only pan-European organisation for all professionals working in the field of childhood cancer. 

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PanCare is a multidisciplinary network of professionals, survivors and their families operating across Europe. The focus is on follow-up care.

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Procap is the largest self-help organisation of people with disabilities in Switzerland.

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Greenhope is a Swiss foundation which organises events for children with cancer and their families.



Bärgüf is a Swiss fundraising association that aims to actively fight cancer and show solidarity while giving hope to cancer patients.