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Stiftung für krebskranke Kinder, 
Regio Basiliensis

The Basel Region Childhood Cancer Foundation (Stiftung für krebskranke Kinder, Regio Basiliensis) was founded in 1988 to provide support to children with cancer and their families.

Its aim is to provide optimal care for children with cancer and their families who are treated at the University Children’s Hospital Basel (UKBB). The foundation offers financial assistance as the health insurance companies do not cover all costs related to childhood cancer. However, it also focuses on providing relief and professional support for families during this difficult phase of life. The Children’s Hospital needs additional funding to ensure optimal care and treatment and to conduct research. As a funding foundation, it works closely with project partners in the field of childhood cancer aid which offer services that would be difficult to finance without their support.

  • Offers
    • Direct financial support: assumption of additional illness-related costs that cannot be borne by the families, as well as free parental accommodation directly at the children’s hospital
    • Psycho-oncology: co-funding of the psycho-oncologist at the UKBB; participation in rehabilitation abroad
    • Research: funding of evaluated, scientific research projects
    • Projects for greater quality of life: promotion of projects that improve the situation of current, former and future childhood cancer patients; regional and national
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