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Doing good and talking about it

Who are the people behind the Basel Region Childhood Cancer Foundation, Regio Basiliensis? A pretty natural question since everyone wants to know who they are dealing with. Who is committed to the needs of children with cancer and their families in the Basel region, who decides on the funding of all the many projects and who supports the Foundation? The answer: people. And to help people get to know the people involved, the idea of a series of video portraits was born. A member of the Foundation Board, the administrative office staff and people who support the Foundation as volunteers, donors or in any other form have their say. They report on visions and challenges, on sad and wonderful moments in the Foundation’s work and why each and every individual is involved with such passion and commitment. «There are already a lot of videos on the website with more to follow. So it’s worth dropping by every now and again to see what’s new,» says Volker Dittmann, Voluntary Managing Director of the Foundation. Find out more here.