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News from the management

As of March 2023, Valérie Braidi-Ketter has taken over the overall management of the umbrella organisation. She is assisted by Elena Guarnaccia as deputy and head of the Self-Help & Follow-up Care department.

Valérie Braidi-Ketter, an experienced leader with strong communication skills, who previously led Childhood Cancer Switzerland as Co-CEO, has been able to make a significant contribution to the successful development and consolidation of the organisation. Together with her team, she has succeeded in raising the public profile of the organisation, making an important contribution to the financing of research projects against childhood cancer, and expanding the representation of interests on behalf of children with cancer and their parents in politics. 

In her new position, the 55-year-old would like to contribute her varied expertise and many years of professional experience even more in the field of business development and advocacy in order to further advance the strategic expansion of the umbrella organisation and its offerings. “There are so many challenges in the area of paediatric oncology that the public and politicians simply don’t know about. It is genuinely my great passion to work on ensuring that the offerings and commitment of Childhood Cancer Switzerland, together with our member organisations, contribute more in the future to improving the situation of children with cancer and their families throughout Switzerland.”

The Board of Childhood Cancer Switzerland very much welcomes the positive development of recent years and is pleased that Valérie Braidi-Ketter is now taking on the overall management of the umbrella organisation. It would also like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Birgitta Setz for her unwavering commitment as Co-CEO and on behalf of those affected over the past four years and wish her all the best for her future career.

The appointment of Elena Guarnaccia as Deputy CEO and Head of Self-Help & Follow-Up Care sees the organisation gain a charismatic leader with many years of professional experience. In her new role, the 54-year-old from Basel will be responsible for the coordination, expansion and further development of the offerings of Childhood Cancer Switzerland in terms of Self-Help & Follow-Up Care. Among other things, she will be responsible for the development and implementation of a digital information platform for those affected on all issues related to living with childhood cancer. In her role as Deputy CEO, she will also support Valérie Braidi-Ketter in all matters relating to management. Before joining Childhood Cancer Switzerland, Elena Guarnaccia spent 12 years as Head of Marketing & Fundraising at the Basel Cancer League. During this time, she was able to demonstrate her extensive expertise in leadership, branding, fundraising and service development for people affected by cancer and their families.

Her commitment will focus on the issues and needs of people with cancer and their families. “It is a particular concern of mine in my work with Childhood Cancer Switzerland to actively contribute to improving the quality of life of those affected and their environment so that they can regain their confidence and strength.”

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