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Using art to help children with cancer

The Basel Region Childhood Cancer Foundation, Regio Basiliensis, is pleased to announce its exclusive partnership with the science photographer Martin Oeggerli. He has made a name for himself with spectacular presentations of scientific facts under the pseudonym Micronaut and is also one of the foundation’s supporters.

His pictures are fantastic! Martin Oeggerli showcases and colours a single pollen grain in an incredible enlargement. A real work of art and part of his “Pollen Donator Edition”.

So what makes the “Donator Edition” so special? You can buy his pictures and thus support the Basel foundation. The idea is based on Oeggerli's desire to use his art to help children with cancer. Follow this link for more information on the limited edition:

In addition to new projects, the last few weeks have also brought changes to the staff line-up. After nine years of successful work for the foundation, Catia Gehrig handed over management of the office to Julia Lehmann at the end of August – the latter had already been responsible for the areas of communication and fundraising for several years.