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Meeting to talk, listen and swap stories...

For several years, our member organisation ARFEC has been organising monthly meetings in the cantons of western Switzerland. Over a cosy meal in a restaurant, affected parents can swap stories, relax, take a short break and simply enjoy the time together.

After a forced break due to the pandemic, ARFEC is delighted to be able to offer parents these well-deserved breaks again. The volunteers of the cantonal parent groups and ARFEC facilitators are available at the meetings. As with every meeting, there are old familiar faces, parents who are in the middle of a crisis and newcomers. The special thing about these meetings is that, at each of these tables, you will find parents who share the fate of having a child with cancer.

But that does not mean there is an atmosphere of gloom and doom. On the contrary, there is plenty of space for all kinds of emotions: sadness and anger, but also laughter, solidarity and the security of simply being able to let go. These moments together, when no one has to justify or explain themselves, are a blessing for everyone involved.

The feeling of being left alone with your problems often leads to stress and anxiety. The possibility to swap stories with other affected parents makes it possible for people to share the pain, enjoy human warmth and feel a little less alone. For parents who are members of ARFEC, this means being part of these special meetings, giving and receiving at the same time. In this way, every person becomes part of a chain in the effort to support and bolster each other.