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Making happiness possible

Making happiness possible – that is what Childhood Cancer Aid Central Switzerland aims to do. The activities of the past few months have repeatedly brought a sparkle to the eyes of both the young and old.

For the International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September, our member organisation always wants to give the children and their families in the hospital special “treats” in addition to satisfying their constant needs and making contributions. For example, children were allowed to choose either something sweet or something to perk them up, such as sunshine-yellow massage balls from a large basket. This remained on the ward in the hospital as a symbol of solidarity throughout the month. A sweet greeting was also left for the paediatric oncology team, together with a heartfelt thank you for their great commitment on behalf of the children.

November gave rise to a number of particularly effective Advent wreaths. Mothers of children with cancer had the opportunity to make their own individual wreath under expert guidance. After the many cancellations of events due to the pandemic, it was a wonderful experience to once again meet in a small group and exchange ideas in person. Childhood Cancer Aid Central Switzerland wishes the families a wonderful Advent season and some extra-special Christmas moments.