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Anniversary of Childhood Cancer Aid Central Switzerland

2020 – our anniversary year! Our association has been supporting children and young people suffering from cancer for 25 years. Even though many general conditions for children affected by cancer have changed over this long period, the distress and fear remain the same.

A diagnosis of cancer pulls the rug out from under your feet – a quarter of a century ago, just as it does today. It is therefore still important that there is a contact point like ours to take away some of the burden from those affected.

We are always thinking about how we can support first-time sufferers and bring them some joy. Last year we introduced an end-of-therapy gift in the form of an overnight stay in a hotel. Now we are giving all first-time patients a toiletry bag with useful utensils and small pleasures for everyday hospital life. This may be something trivial in the whole maelstrom of starting therapy, but a small gesture can still show families they are not on their own.