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Follow-up clinic at University Children’s Hospital Zurich

Sabine Kroiss, CL, MD

Sabine Kroiss, CL, MD

Maria Otth, PhD, MD

Maria Otth, PhD, MD

University Children’s Hospital Zurich
Eleonore Foundation
Paediatric Oncology
Steinwiesstrasse 75
8032 Zürich 

Sabine Kroiss, CL, MD
Head of Oncological Polyclinic

Maria Otth, PhD, MD
Follow-up and transition clinic:

For appointments, please contact the Secretary’s Office of the Oncology Department

Phone: +41 44 266 74 55

Website: Onkologie | Fachkompetenz | Kinderspital Zürich ( (in Germany only)


Costs: The costs of the follow-up clinic are usually charged to your health insurance company (please note: franchise) or invalidity insurance (in the case of a defect from birth)

Languages: German, English, French (or with an interpreter)

Opening hours: Monday to Friday by appointment, transition clinic Thursday and Friday


Information on the clinic:

Today, children and adolescents with cancer have very good chances of recovery. All patients require follow-up checks after their treatment has been completed. On the one hand, the focus is on tumour follow-up care, and on the other, seeing whether there are any late effects which have been caused by the tumour or the therapy. We draw up an individualised follow-up care plan for every patient based on international recommendations. This also entails accompanying those affected and their families right into adulthood.


  • Follow-up care for all forms of cancer and types of tumour in childhood and adolescence once therapy has been concluded
  • Interdisciplinary networking with endocrinology, psychology and other disciplines
  • Transition clinic for adolescents and young adults – here, we decide on a suitable place for further follow-up care and issue a Survivor Care Plan
  • Open to former patients of all age groups, as well as to patients from other clinics and countries who would like to discuss necessary checks. 
  • Follow-up care for patients after haematopoietic stem cell transplantation takes place in the Department for Stem Cell Transplantation
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