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Research Award 2022

Research project:

changes in the metabolism of paediatric tumour cells

The metabolism of cancer cells is different from that of normal cells, which means that chemical processes within the cell vary. They grow and divide more quickly, and almost every tumour has a specially altered metabolism due to the many genetic changes. 

Aim of the research project

The aim of the project is to determine the particularities in terms of the “eating behaviour” of paediatric tumour cells. Further on new drugs could specifically target this and prevent them from growing. The research project mainly focuses on folic acid metabolism in childhood tumours. Paediatric cancer therapies could thus be improved and side effects more closely contained.


Research Award 2022

The sponsorship award endowed with CHF 25,000 went to Raphael Johannes Morscher, a young basic researcher at University Children’s Hospital in Zurich.

Implementing organisation

Research Centre for the Child (FZK) at University Children’s Hospital in Zurich

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