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2nd National Childhood Cancer Conference

Bern, 15 February 2020

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2nd Childhood Cancer Conference 2020

Working together for the childhood cancer community

Survivors, parents of children with cancer and professionals from the fields of nursing, psychology and medicine exchanged ideas at the second national conference of the umbrella organisation Childhood Cancer Switzerland. The focus was on the subjects of follow-up care, late physical and psychosomatic effects, and socio-legal aspects as well as on providing an opportunity for all those involved to meet up and network.

The joy at the beginning of the conference in the Kreuz Congress Centre in Bern was a clear indication that this was a meeting of a genuine community. Around 200 people – almost twice as many as at the first Childhood Cancer Conference in 2017 – travelled to the event to get answers to pressing issues, meet new people and get together with acquaintances. Some were there for the first time, such as the participant whose cancer was diagnosed more than forty years ago. He has recently become a regular at the survivors’ meetings in his region and says, “Being able to talk to people who have been through something similar is worth its weight in gold.”

Conference report (in German)


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