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Lots of good things at the start of the year

Breathing life into the International Childhood Cancer Day and providing affected families with helpful information on nutrition after therapy – these were significant activities of Kinderkrebshilfe Zentralschweiz (Childhood Cancer Aid Central Switzerland) in the first months of the year.

This year we once again made a special gesture of solidarity with children affected by cancer and their families to ensure International Childhood Cancer Day on 15 February was a special occasion. The children and their families in the hospital were excited when they were given vouchers together with small sweets. Surprises like these do so much good with affected families whose everyday lives are dominated by worry.

Visit from "Dr. Wolle"

At Christmas, we organised cheerful visits from Dr. Wolle, giving children the chance to forget their worries for a while as he shared jokes and magic in a loving way. There were plenty of bright eyes and wide smiles when everyone saw the large pile of gifts for people of all ages. 


You will find more details (in German) on the activities of the member organization here.