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Review of SIOP 2022

Childhood Cancer Switzerland has partnerships with many national and international organisations. These cooperations focus on networking and knowledge transfer with other important players in the area of childhood cancer to drive on common topics and projects more purposefully and to gain insight into the latest research findings.

The 54th Congress of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) took place from 28 September to 1 October, globally uniting more than 2,600 experts from the field of paediatric haematology and oncology. The event in Barcelona was held together with Childhood Cancer International (CCI)  – an organisation which represents the interests of survivors and parents, and of which Childhood Cancer Switzerland is a member. 

Over the four days of the congress, experts from the areas of medicine, follow-up care and self-help reported on the latest research findings, presented country-specific projects and best-practice examples and exchanged information on their experiences in a range of forums. There were some fascinating educational sessions in which projects on specific topics were presented, such as in palliative care or follow-up care. In “Meet the Expert”, specialists provided information on precision medicine and immunotherapies. There was a focus on psycho-oncological topics as well as on diverse challenges and solutions in the field of survivorship, and lots more. Childhood Cancer Switzerland took the opportunity to find out all about the latest developments in the area of childhood cancer, follow-up care and self-help, and spent a good deal of time exchanging ideas with numerous representatives of CCI and SIOP at the various networking events.