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 Follow-up consultation
«justASKus»: sexuality, fertility and body image

Porträt Astrid Ahler

Astrid Ahler 

Fertisuisse Basel office
Centralbahnstrasse 9
CH-4051 Basel (right beside the SBB station)

Fertisuisse Olten office
Tannwaldstrasse 2
CH-4600 Olten (right beside Olten station)

Astrid Ahler, Head of the justASKus clinic, Specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics (FMH), Specialist in gynaecological endocrinology and reproductive medicine (FMH), Sex therapist (DAS sex therapy, sexocorporal therapy [basic module])

Website: http://www.justaskus.ch

Registration: hello@justaskus.ch

Costs: The costs will be charged to your health insurance company (please note: franchise, excess/deductible)

Languages: English, German, French 

Opening hours: By appointment, either in Basel or Olten


The justASKus project was set up to answer questions on topics such as fertility, sexuality and body image and offers support in various forms:

  1. ASK clinic: 
    Questions on fertility, sexuality and body image are often difficult to ask or remain unanswered. The justASKus clinic provides people with the opportunity to address these and similar topics in a protected setting. We look at your personal situation and together investigate the particular concern and whether further checks or therapies are needed and desired. In concrete terms, this means clarifying fertility and possibly creating a fertility reserve, such as freezing eggs or sperm cells. If you are worried about sexuality or your body image, we will concentrate on what it would take for you to feel comfortable in your body again or to achieve satisfying sexuality. This might be a one-off session or could need several consultations, depending on your requirements.

    If you do not yet have a specific gynaecologist, we can also provide you with normal preventive care and continue to be your contact in these matters.
  2. Email contact:
    Sometimes it is not necessary or you may not want to come to the clinic in person. You can also first send any questions you may have  hello@justaskus.ch
  3. Website:
    We are currently setting up a website together with survivors which will include plenty of information on fertility, sexuality and body image. It will include an FAQ section, information about and descriptions of possible therapies, and also feature videos and podcasts.
  4. Workshops:
    We offer workshops on fertility after cancer therapy, sexuality and possible problems, and particular difficulties after cancer therapy, as well as on dealing with your own body and how to feel good with your body again. Take a look at our website for more information.

Who are we?

We are gynaecologists and specialists in fertility, hormone disorders and sex therapy. Simone Göttler (MD) is also a paediatric and adolescent gynaecologist. With Professor Gideon Sartorius (MD), we have a male colleague in the team who also specialises in men’s health.

You can request a specific member of the team or we decide internally who is best suited to deal with the particular problem.


  • Childhood Cancer Switzerland
  • Basel Region Childhood Cancer Foundation, Regio Basiliensis
  • UKBB
  • Basel Cancer League

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