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Pilot study for optimising paediatric brain tumour therapy

New therapies are critically needed for paediatric brain tumours, the main cause of cancer-related death in children and adolescents. Conventional chemotherapy and radiotherapy are often not effective and curative options are limited for many patients.

Aim of the trial

The pilot project is aiming for a more effective and precise therapy for children with brain tumours. The focus is on patients who respond insufficiently or not at all to the standard therapy. Building a comprehensive rapid drug testing pipeline, it aims to each tumour’s response to new anti-cancer agents, enabling personalised and novel treatment options for patients.

The successful implementation of this paediatric brain tumour therapy optimisation pipeline has the potential to transform treatment and improve the survival chances of children and adolescents with brain tumours.


Sponsorship award 2020

In 2020 the sponsorship award of Childhood Cancer Switzerland endowed with CHF 25,000 went to Ana Guerreiro Stücklin, a young researcher from the University Children's Hospital Zurich. 


Implementing organisation

University Children’s Hospital Zurich

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