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Time out for parents of survivors

In some cases, the late effects of cancer can make it difficult for children and adolescents to live independently. This is why affected parents are often under great psychological, physical and financial strain long after treatment has been completed. This makes issues such as self-care and support in long-term follow-up care all the more important. 

From 10 – 11 November, Childhood Cancer Switzerland is therefore offering a professionally accompanied time out for parents of a survivor with late effects. With the help of Eva Maria Tinner-Oehler, MD, (senior physician in paediatric oncology and haematology, Bern University Hospital), Astrid Ahler, MD, (gynaecologist specialising in fertility, hormone disorders and sexual medicine, fertisuisse), Andreas Dörner (psycho-oncologist, St. Claraspital) and Martin Boltshauser (lawyer , procap), important medical and psychosocial topics on late effects and follow-up care as well as social security issues will be addressed in the two-day workshop. 

Participants will be given the opportunity to collect information, share experiences and address their fears, worries, emotional and financial burdens in a protected setting, even years after therapy, and find valuable support. 

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