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September in gold

In Switzerland, around 350 children and adolescents are diagnosed with cancer every year, including many infants and young children. In order to raise awareness for this life-threatening disease, the month of September sees attention being drawn to the many challenges faced by both children affected by cancer and their families. The colour gold embodies the fight against childhood cancer. All over the world, places, foundations, companies and associations show their solidarity with this important cause during this period.

  • Childhood Cancer Switzerland has supported research with around CHF 800,000 over the last four years – with the aim of further improving the chances of survival for children with cancer and minimising the late effects of the disease and intensive therapies.
  • Childhood Cancer Switzerland has established Switzerland’s only contact point for survivors and their families to increase the quality of life of former childhood cancer patients.
  • Childhood Cancer Switzerland is committed to ensuring that affected families receive optimal support and are accompanied in all phases of the disease as well as when their treatment has been completed.
  • Childhood Cancer Switzerland actively campaigns for the rights of children with cancer and their families at federal level.

 At the end of International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, the umbrella organisation is inviting survivors to a weekend of professional support in Kandersteg. For the very first time, the events are also being held in French so that former childhood cancer patients from French-speaking Switzerland can also take part in this important informative event with fantastic networking opportunities.

The member organisations and partners of Childhood Cancer Switzerland staged numerous campaigns and events in the golden month of September to make people aware of the challenges children with cancer and their families face.

We would like to express our thanks to all those who supported one of the many events this month with an extra portion of enthusiasm and goodwill!  #Togetherwearestronger