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Providing for your loved ones

On the International Day of the Last Will and Testament, 13 September 2023, Childhood Cancer Switzerland publicised one of its valuable services: the free will generator. This provides a great opportunity to think about the future and make appropriate provisions. 

Drawing up a will can be a complex and challenging task, but the user-friendly online tool can be of fantastic assistance. It guides users step by step through the process, ensures that all legal requirements are met and makes it possible to clearly record individual wishes and instructions. First, the heirs, such as partners, blood relatives, acquaintances and organisations, are recorded. The next step is to allocate the shares to the beneficiaries, whereby all compulsory shares are already taken into account by the will generator. Then all you have to do is copy the legally binding will template by hand and store it safely.

The advantages of the will generator:

  1. Free: This service is free.
  2. Simple: The tool is easy to operate and does not require any prior knowledge.
  3. Legally valid: The will compiled complies with legal requirements and is legally binding.
  4. Customisable: Personal wishes and instructions can be recorded clearly and precisely.
  5. Safe: The data is encrypted and stored securely to protect privacy.

Make simple and secure provisions for your loved ones with the free will generator here.