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CardioOnco Studie zur frühzeitigen Erkennung von Herzproblemen

CardioOnco study on detecting heart problems at an early stage 

Thanks to medical progress, four out of five children and adolescents nowadays survive cancer. Around 80 per cent of survivors are nevertheless confronted with late effects. These include heart problems that often go unnoticed for many years but can become life-threatening. It is therefore important to recognise such problems as early as possible, and to advise and treat those affected accordingly.

Aim of the study

The CardioOnco study aims to improve survivors’ cardiac health. A new heart ultrasound technique called “speckle tracking” echocardiography may be able to detect heart problems earlier than conventional echocardiography. In addition, survivors rarely undergo cardiovascular stress testing for heart problems to be detected at an early stage. Researchers are hoping the new study will help to detect and thus treat heart problems earlier.


Implementing organisation

Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine (ISPM) at the University of Bern

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