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Award for childhood cancer research 2023

Today, four out of five children and adolescents with cancer are treated successfully. Even though the chances of survival have improved thanks to medical advances, one in five children still dies of cancer and many of the survivors suffer from the late effects of the disease and therapy. Because the types of cancer children and adolescents develop are different from those contracted by adults, they need research which is specifically tailored to their individual diseases.

To further promote childhood cancer research, the umbrella organisation Childhood Cancer Switzerland is awarding since 2020 a research prize in the area of basic research. The prize is to be awarded annually for promising projects in paediatric oncology that are particularly worthy of support. With this prize, Childhood Cancer Switzerland aims to honour young scientists who engage in outstanding and pioneering projects in basic research at Swiss research institutes or hospitals. 

This year, the prize money was increased to CHF 30,000. Find out more about the invitation to tender here.