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International networking

The annual conference of Childhood Cancer International Europe (CCI Europe) took place in Milan, Italy, from 13 to 17 May 2024. As the largest pan-European umbrella organisation, CCI Europe represents the interests of survivors and parents in international projects and in EU policy. As in previous years, this year’s conference was held in conjunction with the annual conference of SIOP Europe, the pan-European organisation of medical professionals in the field of paediatric cancer. In this way, the event offers a unique opportunity to find out about current topics, gain an insight into the latest research findings, present individual projects and exchange important experiences.

This year’s CCI Europe conference brought together more than 110 representatives of patient and parent organisations, including Childhood Cancer Switzerland and its member organisations Swiss Childhood Cancer Aid and ARFEC. The programme consisted of a colourful mix of lectures, project presentations, discussion panels and networking events, all of which provided an in-depth insight into important topics: from research and treatment to advocacy, awareness-raising and follow-up care. These insights make it possible to learn from the experiences of other organisations and to return home with new project ideas and findings. However, it also became clear that despite the tireless efforts and success of many organisations, a lot of work is still needed.

One of the highlights of this year’s conference was a round of presentations on the topic of follow-up care. Follow-up care specialists, neuropsychologists and patients discussed the quality of life and needs of former brain tumour patients. Another was dedicated to “palliative care”, which explored questions about how to deal with the challenging situation and grief, as well as discussing ethical issues and coping strategies. Equally exciting were a lecture series on the issue of patient involvement in research and one on the topic of psychosocial support for families affected by cancer.