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International Childhood Cancer Day and bereavement counselling

In the first two months of the new year, the focus of Childhood Cancer Aid Central Switzerland was very much on two important issues: on the one hand, International Childhood Cancer Day and, on the other, bereavement counselling for grieving families.

International Childhood Cancer Day takes place every year on 15 February. To ensure it does not remain just an empty promise, it is important to the association to set a special sign of solidarity with the children affected by cancer and their families. This includes vouchers and sweets that are handed out in the hospital and always received gratefully by everyone concerned. Expressions of gratitude such as the following show just how happy the children and their families are to receive the gifts: «I was very touched and happy to receive such a nice surprise at such a difficult time.»

It is a major concern of Childhood Cancer Aid Central Switzerland to provide support for families who have lost a child. At the beginning of the year, for example, a dinner was held in the presence of a bereavement counsellor. At these meetings, there are always touching moments that show how incredibly sad the death of a child is and the deep scars it leaves in the hearts of the bereaved. That is why it is all the more important to organise events that give affected families the chance to spend time together, where there is a place for grief but also for small pleasures – regardless of whether the child died recently or 20 years ago. All parents who have lost a child are welcome to attend these evenings. What those affected often want most during what are probably the most difficult moments of their lives is a feeling of mutual support and being understood.