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Every child counts!

Christmas is the feast of joy. For children with cancer and their families, however, Advent is a time filled with worry, and, more often than not, is spent in hospital. At the start of December eight years ago, Sandro Wyss and Marc Binggeli visited children with cancer in hospital for the first time as “Samichlous & Schmutzli”. In Switzerland, these two characters represent Saint Nicholas and his attendant. The former rewards children who have been good, whereas the latter is responsible for drawing children’s attention to things they have not done so well during the year. This gave rise to an association that annually visits sick and healthy children around St. Nicholas Day (6 December). Naturally, there is no charge for this ‘service’ –  instead they collect donations. The association has even produced several music CDs with well-known Swiss artists, as well as a colourful activity book. All the proceeds from the sale of the CDs and the book as well as the donations received are given in full and without administrative costs to Childhood Cancer Switzerland and Childhood Cancer Aid Switzerland. 

On 30 November 2021, a cheque for a total donation of 28,444.00 Swiss francs was handed over in Michael Schär’s RAW’FILERS studio – on a very small scale due to the pandemic. Childhood Cancer Switzerland is delighted to receive such helpful support and would like to thank Samichlous & Schmutzli for this fantastic project. The donation of 10,000 Swiss francs that went to the umbrella organisation will be used for important projects in the area of follow-up care because cured does not always mean completely healthy.


Image: Michael Schär, RAW'FILERS