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Campaign 2018/2

4outof5 – 
the solidarity campaign

Thanks to medical advances in the treatment of childhood and adolescent cancer, four out of five children in Switzerland can be cured today. Nevertheless, childhood cancer is the second biggest cause of death in children. A diagnosis of cancer is a shock for the whole family, and the resulting fight against the disease is not just demanding in physical terms, but also often poses a considerable psychological and financial burden. We want to let those affected by cancer know that they are not alone at this difficult time, and that lots of people are thinking about them.

About the campaign

To raise public awareness of the issue of childhood cancer and to trigger a wave of solidarity with those affected throughout the country, Childhood Cancer Switzerland launched a campaign incorporating an initiative to send a message of encouragement in September 2018. People were invited to show sympathy and solidarity with children with cancer by leaving a personal message for an affected child or a child’s family on the Childhood Cancer Switzerland website.

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"4outof5" - a solidarity campaign by Childhood Cancer Switzerland 

Messages of encouragement for children with cancer and their families

The response was overwhelming, with hundreds of messages coming in from all over Switzerland. Young and old alike expressed their sympathy with great contributions, giving courage and hope to those affected. Many people who learned about the challenges in the field of childhood cancer for the first time put a case for an improvement of the social and legal situation of those affected in their messages.

A selection of wishes 
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Wünsche 01
Wünsche 02
Wünsche 03
Wünsche 04

What became of the wish campaign

On the occasion of International Childhood Cancer Day, Childhood Cancer Switzerland presented the specialised children’s hospitals and member organisations with a selection of the most heart-warming messages in the form of colourful mobiles, posters and cloud-shaped pinboards made of wood for the common rooms and parents’ homes near the hospitals. Whether children, young people, parents or siblings – we wanted them all to know that they are not alone in their struggle. 

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