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Long Term Follow-Up Consultations 

Porträt Nicolas von der Weid

University Children's Hospital Basel (UKBB)
Spitalstrasse 33
CH - 4056 Basel

Contacts at UKBB
Prof. Nicolas von der Weid, MD
Head of department

Dr Tamara Diesch, MD


To make an appointment for transitional consultations, please contact the secretariat of the haematological oncology outpatient clinic at UKBB: phone +41 61 704 71 71

Website: (in German)

Costs: The usual rates for outpatient treatment apply; costs are charged to your health insurance, but please note that you may have to pay a deductible.

Languages:  German, French, Italian, English 

Consultations: By appointment

Transitional consultations: on Wednesday afternoons


We offer regular follow-up examinations at UKBB for current patients who have completed their treatment. When they reach young adult age (approx. 18–22), they make the transition to adult treatment in the Haematology or Oncology departments at University Hospital Basel. Their first consultation (transitional consultation) takes place at UKBB with paediatric and adult haematological oncologists.

We offer discussions for former patients who want advice on examinations that will be necessary in the future and can compile a medical history for them containing the most important information about their disease and treatment, as well as recommended additional check-up examinations that they will need. We are happy to work with them to identify where further after-care could take place during adulthood, and the form such care will take.

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