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Research activity explained simply

“We carry out research to ensure children with cancer have a future”. This is the mission of the Swiss Paediatric Oncology Group (SPOG), which has been committed to paediatric cancer research since 1976. To make the complex research topic more accessible to young patients and affected families, the group created the cartoon character “Spogli”. In the cartoon, the inquisitive little girl accompanies childhood cancer patients through the daily routine of the clinic and therapy. It was released at the cinema and in social media to mark International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. The endearing animated film shows why the work of SPOG is so important in an informative and simple way.

Its mission? To improve the chances of healing and the quality of life of the children and adolescents affected. This is because the disease patterns in children differ considerably from those in adults. This requires specific, targeted research approaches.

When it comes to a child or adolescent, the diagnosis of cancer is one of the most devastating pieces of news a family can receive. It fundamentally changes the life of each and every person affected. Thanks to the special work of organisations such as SPOG, there is now more hope than ever before for a cure and a significantly improved quality of life for children and adolescents with the disease. Personalities such as skier Marc Berthod support SPOG and its crucial work. Today he is supported by Spogli, who always does everything to improve the treatment of children with cancer.

It is not only this September, a month specifically dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer, that gives all of us the chance to become actively involved and support SPOG’s research and efforts. Every donation, however small or large, makes a difference to the life of a child that has cancer. Together we can fight childhood cancer and give hope.

To watch the film with Spogli click here.