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“Young self-help”

What is meant by the term “young self-help”? How and with what do young people feel their needs are being addressed? Which activities are well received and what challenges do those affected have to deal with? All these questions and more were addressed during the course of the third national conference of Selbsthilfe Schweiz (Self-Help Switzerland) on 19 November in Zurich. One of the attendees was Zuzana Tomášiková, Head of the Childhood Cancer Switzerland Survivors’ Centre. She conducted one of the many workshops, together with Miriam Döbeli from the Basel Cancer League, and presented the Survivors Group and the services offered by the Childhood Cancer Switzerland Survivors’ Centre. With around 70 participants, the conference was well attended, with stimulating discussions taking place.

In addition to experts from various organisations and associations, who often support self-help groups in the start-up phase, representatives of individual self-help groups also took part in the conference. They too had the opportunity to ask their questions. The variety of workshops gave participants the opportunity to delve even deeper into certain topics. The workshop on “Opportunities and Risks of Social Media” with influencer Silvia Jauch made a lasting impression. For more information (in German) about "Selbsthilfe Schweiz" click here.