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Lucerne Cancer Survivor Follow-Up Clinic

Eva Maria Tinner

Medical Department
Childhood Cancer Survivor Follow-Up Clinic
Medical Day Ward
Lucerne Cantonal Hospital
Building 31, 11th floor, room 11.62

Sacha Plüss (MD), Senior Physician spec. Internal 
Medicine. Head of the Follow-Up Clinic

Freimut H. Schilling (MD), 
Head Physician Paediatric Oncology

Secretary’s office of the Medical Department
Phone: +41 (0)41 205 51 02


Costs: The costs will be charged to your health insurance company (please note: franchise, excess/deductible)

Languages: English, German

Opening hours: Every Thursday from 7:30 am to 6 pm


We are open to all adult Swiss patients who had an oncological disease as a child or adolescent.


At the follow-up clinic, we use a Passport for Care® to create an individual risk profile and an appropriate follow-up care plan. The aim is to identify any current problems, carry out the recommended medical examinations and explain the results achieved in a closing discussion in one day. We will also discuss whether and how often follow-up checks should take place (if desired, regular, annual checks).

Attachment: Follow-Up Clinic flyer


Some of our specialists:

  • Prof. Andrea Azzola (MD), Chief Physician Oncopneumology
  • Prof. Christoph Brand (MD), Chief Physician Oncodermatology
  • Prof. Einar Wilder-Smith (MD), Head of Onconeurology
  • Ass. Prof. Alexandra Kohl Schwartz (MD), Head of the Reproductive Medicine Department
  • Lukas Burget (MD), Head Physician Oncoendocrinology
  • Seo Simon Ko (MD), Head Physician Phoniatrics
  • Reto Kurmann (MD), Senior Physician Oncocardiology



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