International Childhood Cancer Survivors Month

23. Juni 2015

We thank all of you who are Celebrating Life with our childhood cancer survivors this month or just on the last week of June.

By recognizing childhood cancer survivors, bringing them together, honoring their struggle, capturing their journeys and giving them spaces to be seen and heard, we show how much we value and care for them. We also reaffirm and demonstrate that Childhood Cancer is indeed curable and there is a meaningful life after cancer.
We would like to invite you to visit our website ( and event Facebook childhoodcancersurvivorjourneys to read the inspiring stories of survivors  from various member countries as well as to be informed on the myths and facts of childhood cancer survivors.
We are also sharing some inspiring music sung by kids with cancer and their carers in various hospitals. Those who are working with and in hospitals can see what other hospitals have done to bring joy in their wards and celebrate life.
The ICCSM (International Childhood Cancer Survivors Month) materials have been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Arabic and are found in our CCI website.
We also encourage you to invite your members, volunteers and families of your survivors, to visit the event Facebook and tumblr site and post messages of hope, joy and inspiration for other survivors and for those still struggling with cancer.
Let us make this the month when childhood cancer survivors will be heard, valued and appreciated. Let us make this their moment.
For the remaining time, we encourage you to send us selfies of childhood cancer survivors doing what they like / enjoy / find most fulfilling or one liners about their feelings on life after cancer and their dreams.  
Let us make it possible for our survivors, their families and friends to share their childhood cancer journeys.
Let us create spaces and moments of joy and inspiration for our childhood cancer survivors and their families.
Carmen Auste, President Childhood Cancer International

(source: CCI)

© Fotolia/oocoskun
© Fotolia/oocoskun