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Follow-up consultations

Cured, but often not properly healthy
There are currently about 4,000 people in Switzerland who have had some form of cancer as a child or adolescent. After undergoing a course of generally intensive treatment, they are now cured.

Today we know that these courses of treatment are responsible for a wide range of long-term complications. The nature and severity of these complications, along with the frequency at which they occur, depend on the type of treatment and individual risk factors. Delayed effects become more frequent with increasing age, which is why it is current practice to give long-term survivors life-long after-care that reflects the cancer treatment they have received.

Specific after-care consultations
Most paediatric oncology centres (children’s clinics) already offer certain after-care services. However, these are often only available to patients who received treatment at the centre in question. Baselland Cantonal Hospital and Aarau Cantonal Hospital have been offering after-care consultations for all adult long-term survivors – regardless of where they were originally treated – since spring 2017 and January 2018 respectively.

Do you have any medical-related questions about after-care? You will find details of existing after-care services below along with further important information on individual consultation sessions. You can also post questions for the appropriate centre on Suivinet, choosing to remain anonymous if you prefer.

CCS vision and mission
Childhood Cancer Switzerland liaises with specialists and is committed to ensuring that all long-term survivors obtain the best possible post-cancer care. Our mission is to ensure that they can enjoy the best possible quality of life.

We are constantly expanding and improving existing services with the aim of providing comprehensive care that also includes, for example, psychosocial support. By holding beneficial discussions with specialists, Childhood Cancer Switzerland hopes to improve existing services in the long term and contribute to the development of new ones.

Follow-up consultation services are available at hospitals in the following towns and cities:







(Services currently being set up in Lausanne)

Details currently not available for Lucerne & St Gallen.