"We are One": A song travels around the world

This year, more than 900,000 children expressed their solidarity with young people with cancer around the world. They raised their voices in song to draw attention to the plight of children and young people with cancer. The result was a moving song and a video clip that brings together many voices and many faces. Childhood Cancer Switzerland is reminding everyone of the message and, now that the festive season is upon us, invites you to continue spreading the powerful message of hope via social media.
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6. December 2016

"We are One": A song travels around the world and captures the hearts of children and adults

In 2016, some of the most famous YouTube child stars got together to record a song to raise awareness of children and young people with cancer. And the best thing is that all children around the world were invited to join in singing.

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30. November 2016

Sterblichkeit bei ehemaligen Kinderkrebspatienten

Die Überlebenschance von Kindern, die an Krebs erkranken, hat sich dank neuer Behandlungen stark erhöht. Trotzdem bleibt Krebs eine der häufigsten Todesursachen bei Kindern.

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16. November 2016

Der Krebs ist besiegt, doch die Sorge bleibt - Medienmitteilung vom 16.11.2016

Wer als Kind eine Krebserkrankung besiegte, leidet mit hoher Wahrscheinlichkeit im Erwachsenenalter an den Folgen der Krankheit und der damaligen Behandlung.

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Childhood Cancer Switzerland

27. – 30. January 2017

European Cancer Congress

From evidence to practice in multidisciplinary cancer care

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2. – 3. March 2017
Brussels, Belgium

Accelerate, 5th Annual Paediatric Oncology Conference

Save the date for ACCELERATE, a platform of all stakeholders caring about accelerating new oncology drug development for children and adolescents. This event was formerly known as CDDF-ITCC-SIOPE Paediatric Conference.

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28. January 2017, 0:00h

Broye 21'600

Le marathon Indoor Cycling

9. February 2017, 9:00 – 17:00h
CHUV, Lausanne

L'enfant et le cancer, aujourd'hui

Journée d'information au Auditoire Césare Roux

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Follow-up care and the transition to adult medicine are areas where Switzerland needs to make up ground. A working group is tasked with setting up these issues and dealing with other related issues, such as a survivorship passport.


Childhood Cancer Switzerland is working with Swiss research foundations and is examining together with these ways to intensify research in pediatric cancer